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ride-with-the-tide-logo-lgThe beaches, cliffs, strand, coastal trails and streets connect our seaside soul. The LA County (and City) Beaches are each unique jewels – a showcase to Sea. Real. Life.

Our one of a kind Ride with the Tide strings the jewels all together on one necklace – spreading the love, comraderie and gratefulness across the region – while getting some exercise. Also, to promote mobility, you know, getting everyone’s butt on a bike. It’s healthy.

Thankfully, The Strand and Streets enable us – from youth to adults – to travel safely by bike – part of each community’s mobility initiatives.

So, whether you are always riding or not riding enough, now’s your chance. Get in on the game, the fun – a safe ride, no matter the distance. Do you Ride with the Tide?

Shorely a good time.