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Imagine a town where the Strand, trails, roads, etc. lead safely to the destinations of our choice. And regardless of ones bicycling experience and fitness, you can pedal smoothly across town. Here’s the how of our Introduction…:

Connection. By connecting thousands of riders, we are a single powerful voice and movement for bicycling. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, competitive cyclist, bike commuter, roadie, mountain biker, casual rider, pro-bike business owner, or all of the above, if you’re a person and you enjoy riding a bike, well, that’s pretty cool.

Recreation. The choice to ride a bike is yours. The responsibility to ensure safe and convenient riding opportunities is ours. We enjoy working with city, state, and national decision makers for our community’s economic development, education and recreation.

Initiation. All across America and the world, our team builds local relationships, grow communities, and formulate ionitiatives that deliver success. Rotary and ION works to enhance these efforts by bringing cash and human resources, media, collaboration, and positive outreach to local groups and the entire region.

Conversion. For all of our Collaboration Partners, we bring business as a result of our work. New revenue enables marketing and outreach – and more jobs / opportunities for our residents.