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Wounded Heroes of America

The Wounded Heroes of America community is so happy to Ride with the Tide. Our fundraising efforts would not be the same, unless we, as a group, support our favorite event. So, which distance are you riding?

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There is an undisputable fact that Americans love their Vets. The Wounded Heroes of America rely heavily on the help and support from our community to be able to accomplish the work they do. With the help from community leaders, business owners, and local politicians WHOA has developed the best relationships, friendships, adoption; call it what you will – but it’s a collaboration to help our wounded Veterans with the South Bay Sunrise Rotary Club.

Mike Talleda, President of WHOA, receiving $5,000.00 from the proceeds of the ‘Ride with the Tide Bike Tour’.“South Bay Sunrise Rotary may not be the biggest club around, they ride-with-the-tide-honor-wounded-warriorsmeet

at 7:00am (which is not Happy Hour) yet they are the biggest givers, most motivated, happiest people you can meet at 7:00am in the morning. Best of all, they are one of our biggest supporters and best friends,” said Mike Talleda, President of WHOA.

Wounded Heroes of America has been a beneficiary and chosen chosen charity for the South Bay Sunrise Rotary to contribute to.  Close to 1,000 riders took part in this event with proceeds going to local charities, WHOA being one of them.

In addition to the Ride, WHOA has also been a beneficiary of the South Bay Sunrise Rotary Club Wine Tasting event, adopted families for Christmas, while members have donated cars to the Vets and the Club still finds time and resources to help all sort of different charities and a slew of causes, both national and international.

“When we say that the community has an obligation and the resources to help our combat wounded Veterans, this club is the prime example of what is possible. Thank you South Bay Sunrise Rotarians,” exclaimed Talleda.